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Garages and Security

Bob Peters - Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Garages have evolved into an odd assortment of space. Consider yours for a moment. If you are like most people, it has become your main entrance, a large closet, odds and ends collection point, home for your pet and a general project workspace. I’m sure I left some uses out, but you get the idea. With that much going on there, think about what someone looking at your garage could tell about you. The first thing is, are you home? Do you have expensive items visible? Is the door cracked to allow air flow for your dog? By the way, this means Fido is not inside your home protecting it. A potential thief can tell a lot about you and your family by simply looking in your garage. There are some simple steps you can take to avoid giving too much information to the wrong person, and improving your home and families security overall.

To start with we should make it as hard as possible to see inside. Keep the garage door down as much as possible. If you have windows in the garage cover them so someone cannot see into it. There are several films that can easily (and cheaply) be applied to the windows to obstruct the view. Curtains or blinds work for this as well.

Overhead doors have some special considerations you need to think about. That cord hanging from the automatic door opener is a problem. Cut it off. It is possible to push the door from the top, reach in and pull that cord to release the door. Use the doors locks when you go on vacation. If your door doesn’t have locks (a lot of them don’t now days), you can attach a C-clamp to the rail right above a roller on both sides to block the doors travel.

The interior door should be as solid as your front door. Add a peep hole so you can see into the garage without entering.

Take a look at what you store there. The more expensive items should be out of sight from the street. Maybe move that tool chest to the back of the garage? Trash cans towards the front? The less conspicuous your belongings are the better.

 Consider expanding your security system (or getting a security system) to cover the outer garage doors and windows. Low cost, no-contract alarm monitoring from Atlanta Home Alarm Systems can add lots of security for a small price.