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Security Foundations

Bob Peters - Thursday, August 08, 2013
The foundation of any security plan starts with the strength of the building's physical features. Strong, properly fitting doors that latch solidly are a must. Consider investing in reinforcing your door jambs to protect against burglars kicking in your doors.  Ensuring that windows are not cracked, fit properly and have good locks can go a long way toward securing your home.

While you are taking stock of the physical features of your home, look at the outside property. Imagine you are going to break in.  How would you do it? Is there somewhere you could hide to approach the house? Perhaps you might plant some dense, thorny bushes in those places to discourage a person from going there. Some lighting might be added for the nighttime hours. Are there items on the property that could be used to gain entry? These are concerns that should be addressed.

A good emergency plan is also an important part of your family’s security foundation. Just as you have a plan for escape in case of fire, you should have a plan to escape a burglary in progress or a personal assault. Examine your property again. What would you do if you were approached in your driveway as you came home? How would you react if you were suddenly surprised by an intruder inside your home? These, unfortunately, are situations that should be considered before the need for action occurs.