Security Tips and Industry Musings

On Apples and Oranges

Lew Stouffer - Friday, February 28, 2014

You can never truly compare an apple with an orange. Because many alarm companies essentially finance the installation costs with contracts and higher priced monitoring, home security systems are, just as hard to compare. Here are is a method to help you with the comparison.

Select the components you want in your security system. Once you have identified your needs, have all of the companies you are interested in quote exactly the same system. Different brands of equipment are fine. The components of the system need to be the same. Be sure to have companies include in their quotes the free items that other companies may include with the sale.

Note which of your prospective companies have contracts (and their term lengths) and which do not. Make note of any cancellation fees and if the system is leased or purchased outright.

Here’s the formula:

Cost of Equipment + Activation Costs + Labor + (Total Monthly Monitoring * Length of Contract) + Cancellation Fees = Total Cost of System

Once you have run each of the quotes through the formula a clearer picture will emerge. From there you will be able to make an educated decision.