Security Tips and Industry Musings

Avoiding false alarms

Lew Stouffer - Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Here are some simple tips to help you avoid false alarms and the fines that police departments often apply because of them.

Make sure that everyone who uses the system know how to use it. This includes the occasional user like the cleaning service, dog walker and babysitter. Be sure to give them both the code (we recommend a user code) and the password. This one is particularly important for our business clients.

Do not go in and out of the premises once you have activated the alarm. Instead turn the alarm off each time you go into the premises. Rearm when you leave. This is another one our business clients should pay attention to.

If the alarm goes does sound off; be sure to answer your phone for the next 5 minutes. It may be the monitoring center trying to confirm the emergency dispatch.

Ensure that your pets are kept out of secured areas. This is something that would have been set up by you and your technician at the time of installation.

Avoid leaving balloons in an area covered by a motion detector.

Ensure that the maintenance is up to date on your security system. A low system battery can cause false alarms on its own.