We can monitor most existing alarm systems that are in good working order. We are also able to upgrade or repair alarm systems that are inoperable or proprietary. 

Yes, you do own the equipment from the start. We only install equipment that is commonly used by the alarm industry. Any alarm company will be able to monitor your system.

Atlanta Home Alarm only offers month-to-month terms for our monitoring services. You are only obligated to provide a 30-day notice of service cancellation.

We offer a great warranty! Two years on parts and labor on security systems we install, whether in the home or business. We offer the same warranty on the parts we add to your existing security system as well.

Our 2 year warranty does not cover acts of God, electrical damage, negligence, abuse, or remodeling/construction-related damage. We cannot extend this warranty to security systems that we did not install. Clients that have Atlanta Home Alarm monitoring their existing security system can purchase the same warranty coverage for a small monthly subscription fee if they wish.

Yes. We are able to add interactive options to our security systems. We are also able to add this option to most of the existing security systems in use today.

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. We do offer financing on larger purchases through a financing partner.

No. We offer an excellent communication alternative. Using cellular communicators offers the client the ability to increase their security and save money!

Yes. Your security system will function normally while running on the backup battery. The battery is rated for four hours of use before it needs to be recharged. Be aware that if you have digital phones (VOIP), your phone lines may not work because of the loss of power. This will prevent your security system from communicating with the monitoring center. This is one of the reasons we highly recommend using a cellular communicator.

There are several phone providers that are compatible with alarm systems. If you are thinking of changing, call or email our customer care department before changes are made for more information on compatible phone systems. Once the changes are complete, while the phone technician is still on the premises, test your alarm system to ensure that it is still communicating correctly with the monitoring center.

The alarm system will work with the majority of digital phone line providers. Atlanta Home Alarm also offers a cellular unit which does not require a phone on the premises.

No. day-to-day alarm usage is the responsibility of the client. If you are unsure of what caused a false alarm, we recommend that you set up a service call to allow one of our technicians to examine your system.

The client is responsible for complying with all laws and regulations regarding alarm registrations for their respective area. For the most up-to-date answer, we recommend that you check your local city and/or county’s website. They should have the answer and instructions on how to register there for its citizens.