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Atlanta Home Alarms can install security devices into and around your home that will provide you with the confidence and knowledge that your property and the loved ones within it are protected and monitored constantly. Residential security is a challenge, but we get it right. There are many considerations that go into forming a plan, and every family has different needs. Pets, kids, style of home, budget and level of desired security are all factors to be considered. Good communication between you and your Atlanta Home Alarms technician can make the difference between a good installation and a great one.

Through the use of various security devices, we are able to monitor your home for possible intruders.  Here is a short list of commonly available devices and their considerations:

  • Motion detectors are an excellent way to cover large areas of your home.  They detect movement when there should be none.  However, they can be restrictive when the family is up and about.
  • Glass break detectors allow you to move freely about your home and only sound and send an alarm when a breaking glass condition is detected.  Usually these detectors are more expensive because they cover a smaller area than the motion detector and more devices are needed.
  • Door and window contacts are used to detect a door or window being opened. We feel that it is imperative to use a contact on at least all exterior doors.  Using window contacts offers an advantage as well, but they can be bypassed by breaking the glass.  It’s a good idea to have a motion or glass break detector backing up a window contact.
  • Smoke and heat detectors offer additional fire protection for your home at a reduced rate. We highly recommend installing at least one smoke detector in your home.  These devices are installed in addition to your existing home smoke detectors.  The advantage that our smoke detectors offer is that they are able to alert the monitoring station of a fire/smoke condition.  The monitoring center can then call the fire department on your behalf, without you being home or even awake.  Heat detectors are much like the more familiar smoke detectors, except that they detect temperatures above a certain preset level.  These are useful around equipment that may catch fire without a volume of smoke being produced first.
  • Water sensors are able to monitor for water accumulation around washing machines, water heaters and basement areas while you are out of the house and/or out of town. 
  • Carbon monoxide detectors offer detection of the poisonous odorless gas. 
  • Cameras allow you to monitor any activity in your home while you are out.  They are being used to monitor child care in the home as well as the safe arrival of older children. They also offer evidence of a crime should one occur to aid police.

System integration is an expanding field in the industry. There are several solutions available that can add convenience to almost every security system. Options that can be added to security installations include remote arm/disarm, thermostat integration, cameras and door locks.

These devices all integrate into your total alarm system, allowing them to be monitored through the exact same pathway.  We offer competitive pricing on all of these protective devices.

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