Alarm Monitoring/ No Contract Monitoring for Residential and Commercial Clients

Atlanta Alarm Monitoring

Atlanta Alarm Monitoring

Atlanta Home Alarms only offers no-contract monitoring on easy month-to-month terms. You pay for the service you require, for as long as you require it. Simple. You will not be tricked with long-term contracts in exchange for small discounts on equipment.

Our state-of-the-art, UL-listed, monitoring facility is able to handle anything you may need. We offer a triple layer of redundancy in multiple areas of the country.  A disaster in one area of the country, possibly affecting one monitoring center, will not compromise a timely response to your emergency.  The unaffected centers will receive and act upon the information.  

We can reprogram most existing security systems so that they are able to communicate with our monitoring center. There is a small number of systems that are either proprietary in nature or in need of repair. In most cases these systems can be repaired, refitted or upgraded, as necessary, by our expert technical staff at a lower price than the cost of a new system.

With our wireless monitoring option, there is no need to have a home/business phone, or even an internet connection.  For a fraction of the cost of these traditionally expensive utilities, we can lower your costs and increase your security because there are no wires to cut!

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