About Us

At Atlanta Home Alarm Systems, we understand that choosing and purchasing a security system can seem complicated. It doesn't have to be. We make the entire process easy to understand and affordable, and offer real-world security solutions that provide safety and security without the feeling that you're being given the run-around.

Our Terms of Service are straightforward, no contract required! We know the best way to keep your business is to earn it, every day.

How is Atlanta Home Alarm Systems different?

We sell the security system to you. It's yours to do with as you please. We don't lease equipment or use proprietary alarm systems of any kind. This means that, should you ever want to change alarm companies, the equipment is transferable. It also means we know we have to work hard to keep your business.

There are no credit checks - you pay as you go, and we have simple, flat monitoring rates and terms. No commitment. No explanations. Just safety and security, regardless of your circumstances.

We offer the same prices whether you have an apartment, a small bungalow or a large business. No matter who you are, you'll get our best rate, all the time.

You do not need a home (land-line) phone. Our affordable wireless plans are less expensive than having a land-line for your security system, and just as dependable.

Atlanta Home Alarms offers services to clients in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area. We are experienced and knowledgeable in home and business security, and offer an array of security and lifestyle products for both residential and commercial settings. Our products range from basic monitoring and camera installations to total access control solutions. Whatever your situation, we have a solution to fit your budget and security needs.

Security, in one form or another, is a fundamental need for us all. Whether you require a simple system covering only one door, or a large, integrated, all-aspect system, we can help.

Our Approach

Security doesn't begin and end with electronics. It starts with your walls and doors. Once the perimeter is physically secure, we can look at a variety of electronic solutions to further protect the premises. We listen to your concerns, and consider your lifestyle, your budget, and not least of all - your peace of mind, when helping you determine the best security options for your situation.

Already know what you want? Whether you have had multiple consultations, just want to activate a system you already own, have done all the research you care to do, or have had a system before, Atlanta Home Alarms can offer an accurate quote right over the phone.

Prefer an on-site visit? We will send a knowledgeable, professional technician (not a commission-hungry sales rep, more concerned with his sale than your security) to assess your situation, talk to you about a variety of options, and, with your approval, write a quote that offers cutting-edge security with cost efficiency.

Atlanta Home Alarms – security on your terms.

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